One more year our students and students from Monticello (Illinois) write letters to each other keeping this way the bonds between the two countries. This year it is 1º Bachillerato. Thank you to our friend and  American teacher of Spanish, Chelsea.



Click on Spanish to see some of the work done by students for the activity Recomiéndame un Libro




One more year our American friends and Cavaleri students are writing letters to each other. This year they are sending a scary video to watch on Halloween. It is based on the legend  of “Lady in White”, a woman who supposedly searches for her daughter in Durand-Eastman Park inRochester, New York.

This video has been recorded in Allerton Park, near Monticello High School. Now, the park is part of the University of Illinois, but it used to be a mansion in the outskirts of town. At present, it is a very popular park, but in autumn, the legend of the lady in white and her ghost spreads in this haunted house.



Convocatoria becas cursos intensivos inglés para jóvenes (B1)

Convocatoria de Becas Cursos Intensivos Inglés B1 para jóvenes, del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, para ello, tendrán que estar empadronados en Sevilla capital y tener entre 16 y 26 años.


Más información sobre la convocatoria en el siguiente enlace: